Roley. He's different, he's all jacked up, man.

Forget what others think are important.  What's important to you?  In what order?  

Time for a little reflection on that. 

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What's it like to break the cycle of year in year out pattern of recting to life as it happens, and instead being an active participant in it? 

It has to do with charting a course and navigating through the year instead of drifting through it. 

Today, we start figuring out where the course is, and what corrections are needed. 

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Advent is a time of renewal in many ways.  

What if you could reset the cycle?  

Today is a day of choosing.  Let's talk about it. 

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Very few of us are beyond hope, very VERY few of us are beyond redemption.

Very few of us put in the work. 



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With tomorrow being Election Day, a brief reminder of what we really ought to know.  

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More changes afoot in RoleyWorld, trying to separate the personal from the professional. 

After celebrating my daughter’s birthday last week, I take some time to reflect about whether or not I’m drifting.  I revisit my goals, and revisit how to get there from here.

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Carl Trudeau is absent on this week’s Lovephones, so meteorologist Jason Smithers substitutes.  It doesn’t go well. 


Algernon thinks the word podcast is kinda weak.  


A dramatic piece about prescription addiction called “Casting The Bones”,  by MissLaffin from the old AtlasObscura site.  Music and Voice by Roley


The audio on this is substandard, and cuts out around 38 minutes, so the show is incomplete.  


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I take a minute to reflect at a very high level about the end of a project that he’s very proud of, and a little talk about removing the obstacles that are in our every day lives so we can focus on THE THING. 

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I've got some thoughts about a recent episode of Paul Colligan's Podcast "The Podcast Industry Report"...

...I soft launched Podskull this week...

...and I put this off as long as I could, but I have some definite opinions about this election.   


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With a new personal project to undertake, I take the time to remember a part of my life where I thought that working your face off was the way to go.  

How do you get the hustle back in a way that you don't forget what actually matters?

The hustle is nothing if what matters doesn't come first.  Let's talk about it 

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