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Hannah Weatherington is our special guest for this show, who wants to give us...Another View.
This can't possibly end well.
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Roley talks more about his experimenting with a Bullet Journal.  Also...Rex.  C'mon.  We know.
Finally, Roley shares an article from Jeff Jarvis and one about personal branding, and tries to tie them together using the outdated concept of having a little fucking integrity.
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Thanks Tom Petty, Getting back to the Grind, The Floydian Renaissance, Roley's minimalist EDC experiement, and a bit about the vote at the UN today.  
The Universal Declaration of  Human Rights:
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Yes, it's about guns. I've been mad about this topic since Newtown. No, I won't stop being mad about this. This is a rant, pure and simple. The Not Safest of Not Safe for Works.
This must end, and we must end it.
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After yesterday's episode, I thought I'd just shoot the breeze for a minute and not try to get too spun up. Thanks to everyone who left me feedback about yesterday. It helped.

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After sharing some good news, I launched into what can only be described as a Classic Roley Rantasm over the months-long clusterbang we've been subjected to.

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Sent with my apologies. We'll resume the poddlement tomorrow.

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Part 2 of our series on Health Care. Today, we cover the history and provisions of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare

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I'm going to try to be as serious as I can this week, because this week is an important one for all of us.  I'm going to take on Health Care in the United States.
Today, an overview of the History of Health Care Legislation in the US, which also gives us a look at the beginnings of health care insurance.  
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Today, let's talk about Charm.  Now, I decided to use the term charm, because there's a certain portion of my brain that really wants to gameify this stuff, and I remember Charm being some kind of old Role Playing Game character trait.  I'm sure someone has figured out how to make this stuff a game with Experience Points in the real world.  Chris Hardwick put a good start into it in his book The Nerdist Way, by having you create a 'Character Tome', but I wonder if there is--if you'll pardon the expression--an app for that?  
I'm sorry.  
Charm, for this purpose, is your ability to influence others. To have them take you seriously. Whether that's functioning as a role model, or it's trying to get someone to buy something from you is your business.   I also believe that if you have this ability, it also means that you are using this power for good, and not evil.  I think that's important.  
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