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Tony Ruddin takes an opportunity to address the issues that Oliver Townes brought up from last week.  There's no possible way this ends well.

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Blind Melon Strawberry Alarm Clock Chicken Feet Infidel Jackson sits in for the Blues Saplosion, and Oliver Townes gives us another segment of Now to Zen, and the lack of sleep is driving him a little batty.

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Roley just walked into his studio one night and riffed each of these segments off in one take.  I'm sure you can probably tell.  But, sometimes it's better to just let the man riff.  


The heat oppress-ed brain that is Roley has Ellie reporting from the Ukraine.  Sort of.  


Next, two segments with Hannah Weatherington, where she doesn't get racist at all.  You'll note the sarcasm.


Finally, Hannah's oldest boy Braden talks to us about an unfortunate event that took place recently at the Little Caesars, and what do you know, the apple doesn't fall that damn far from the tree.  Matter of fact, that whole family is psychotic.

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A shorter podcast this week, in which we return to an old familiar place...The Hundred Acre Hood. 

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I saw a post today that gave me the creeps.  This, combined with the GamerGate thing from a while back, led to this.  It was all done in one take, and it just poured out of me.  I don't think I've ever done anything quite like this.  I hope you like it, but more importantly, I hope it makes you think.  Thanks for listening.

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Roley's been involuntarily restrained this week.  We shouldn't get into it.  

In Roley's absence, Ellie decided to give Al and Bubba the week off and host the show herself, and of course, she's interested in talking about her favorite subject: Herself.


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Roley takes a week off form the funny to create a new (possibly) recurring feature, Diary of a Mad Podcaster, in which he basically talks out what's going on with the show, and with life, and how he's working his way towards some goals.

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Chip Fitchett joins us for An Hour of Fitchett, which starts off bad, and then ends up going completely off the rails.

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We’re joined by former Pungo Mayor Jerry Bumfiddle who is very confused to his current situation.


The crew talks about a story in which a man was found still in his car after the car had been towed to a lot after an accident, which leads to a discussion of the mayor’s wife’s anal bleaching appointment. 



You’re welcome.


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Does Roley need to say he’s Roley?


The crew talks with Mabel Appletree and Hannah Weatherington about the lack of public oversight in homeschooling.  It’s about what you expect between Mabel, at teacher, and Hannah, a Mom.  Then Steve Weatherington gets involved, and it totally detonates.


The crew talks about two things that have been put together that maybe shouldn’t need to be.  We give you the Sinkolet.



Finally, we’re shocked to learn the hipsters have taken over the rail system in The Bronx.

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