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Technical difficulties in the studio tonight, so here’s an archive show from 2009: The Left Of Center Show Episode 33. On this show: Roley details a meeting that didn’t end well, which set him off on a path.

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Roley tried streaming live to facebook using some new contraptions called Open Broadcasting Software, Audio Hijack, and Loopback so that his FB audience can hear the full poddlement, but his late 2009 iMac is screaming at him for doing it. Roley soldiers on and talks about the stunning USMNT loss, Rose McGowan getting put in Twitterjail, and Chief of Staff John Kelly singing for his supper

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Today, we're gonna keep it simple.  I've read a ton of self-help books.  They all have something in common. 

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We let so much distract us during the day.  How do we put a stop to that? 

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Roley talks Bob Corker, Jemele Hill, and Social Media Addiction. 
Judd Legum on Twitter:
Your Music Doesn’t Matter, A Doc about Carol Taylor.
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You'll have to forgive me, I'm channelling a ghost from the past. Or maybe the future. It doesn't really matter. Here I am, and here you are. I'm Alex, and I have some things to tell you.

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Hannah Weatherington is our special guest for this show, who wants to give us...Another View.
This can't possibly end well.
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Roley talks more about his experimenting with a Bullet Journal.  Also...Rex.  C'mon.  We know.
Finally, Roley shares an article from Jeff Jarvis and one about personal branding, and tries to tie them together using the outdated concept of having a little fucking integrity.
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Thanks Tom Petty, Getting back to the Grind, The Floydian Renaissance, Roley's minimalist EDC experiement, and a bit about the vote at the UN today.  
The Universal Declaration of  Human Rights:
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Yes, it's about guns. I've been mad about this topic since Newtown. No, I won't stop being mad about this. This is a rant, pure and simple. The Not Safest of Not Safe for Works.
This must end, and we must end it.
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