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From the archives:  Niner has a kind word for Kevin Smith after his airline problems, a monologue about getting dentures and having way too many beers. Al does the Idiotech,  Finally, Kevin Smith calls in to recast Jay and Silent Bob because of his airline problem, and Hoppy beings us the X Free Zone.

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Roley talks about the really awesome experience he's had this week with seeing a character he created brought to life, the difference between silo'd multifunctional teams and one that has a personal investment in a project from beginning to end, and continuing his list of One Word Suggestions: Space.    We all need space.  If for any other reason, space gives us the room and the freedom to fail.  If you're not failing, you're not learning.  

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If I hadn't trashed everything I had done from the beginning, and started over each time, I'd have a body of work that told a story of my journey from noob to...well, slightly less noob.   So, use me a bad example.   

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The first in a new season of shows based on one word suggestions, and variations on a theme. 

This episode: "Chaotic Narrative"  

(If you recognize this as the same format as an older show, you're right.  No more characters, but strangely the same.)  



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After about the 16th time I saw someone call the President a POS for apologizing to Japan this past weekend, I have to tell you that I broke my rule about wrestling pigs. 

Some follow up on last week's 'tech wet dream' episode.





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Coming from the Pungo Prius this time, Roley was watching the Google I/O Keynote, and saw something that reminded him of his technological ideal. 

Hey Apple?  Get on the intelligent assistant thing.  Not Siri, Siri is playing at the idea of being an intelligent assistant, minus the intelligence.  

Look at Allo.  Now take away the screen, and give me the ability to have a conversation with Allo.  Screens should be options, not obligations. 

Next, let's talk about networks.  With Mobile being the center of the universe now, the central platform shifts to apps.  One place for all the content.  What does that central platform look like?




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We resume the podcast after some time off.  In this episode, you can listen to the train wreck as we work out the reasons for the break, and the ever present Mad Scientist that lives in the back of my head. 


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Today's episode is a throwback to 2010.  It's called 'Keep Looking Up'.  Hope you like it.  

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A story about the two times in my life I have thought about cashing in my own chips, and what happened as a result. 


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I'm a learner just like the rest of us.  That's why I'll never be one of these so called 'gurus' that don't actually get where a lot of us are in life.  


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