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1. Followup:  FauxPseudo — FYI: you don't understand your opponent's argument unless you can explain it in words they would agree with.  Additionally, if you can't do this then you don't understand your own argument either.I know where you got that.  It was me.
See? I can be taught!
Followup:  Cody — "There's more to Canadian music than Rush."
…Drake.  You forgot Drake.   Frankly, I forgot Drake.  It’s still hard to recognize him without the wheelchair. 
2."The Last Republican”   
PB: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA So, when JFK advocated reducing tax rates in introducing his 1963 budget that makes him, what? I fiscal liberal? And when the economy improved after JFK's tax cuts, that was what? A coincidence? And when the economyvastly improved after Reagan's tax cuts (launching the longest period of economic growth in U.S. history), that was, what? A reaction to Jimmy Carter's big government tax-and-spend policies? And the unemployment rate falling to it's lowest point in 16 years, the job participation rate reaching it's highest level EVER and the stock market almost daily reaching new highs since Trump was elected is what? Companies deluding themselves that Trump's proposed tax reform will allow them to grow, sell more products and have higher profits?
Dumbass FOX News soundbite logic again.  Loves to throw out the grenades, but as always, you don’t know what in the fuck you’re talking about.  You know, but other than that, I’m sure your mother loves you. 
So, let’s dismantle that stupid fucking argument, shall we? 
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The day started off badly with hearing about the death of Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip.  Truthfully, I've been listening to The Hip all day at this point.  I share a story about the time I saw them play live.  
The day ended wonderfully, as I got to have dinner with a good friend who inspires me.  
I'd rather talk about these things today, you can go somewhere else for all the Trumptasms.  I'm sure I'll be back to the grind tomorrow.  Maybe. 
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Starting off, Member of The Flock Cody sends a Dr Seuss Style tongue twister I felt obligated to try…
Credit “demondaze" from what looks like Tumblr
***LISTENER CHALLENGE*** Send an MP3 with your attempt at this to kris [at] krisroley [dot] com, and we’ll pick a winner.  I will literally read whatever you want (within reason) So if you’re a podcaster, I’ll read your promo.  If you’re a creative with something coming up, I will pimp it for you.  If you’re just a prankster, I’m down.  Hit me with your best.  DEADLINE for entries is 10/27 at 11:59 EDT.  
I don’t have prizes, I have no budget.  So there’s that…
Next, my EDC obsession continues, by way of a new key….thing. 
Next, a personal story on why this little black plastic chip on my desk is more than a chip, and it’s one I never plan on cashing in. 
Finally, an exchange on FB leaves me wondering where all the original thinkers and logical debaters have gone.  The certainly aren’t on Facebook, that’s for damn sure. 
14 Facts About Gun Violence in America (No, Chicago is NOT Homicide Town, USA) 
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Roley discusses the #MeToo phenomenon taking over Twitter and Facebook today, engages in a little self reflection, and discusses where we go from here.

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Technical difficulties in the studio tonight, so here’s an archive show from 2009: The Left Of Center Show Episode 33. On this show: Roley details a meeting that didn’t end well, which set him off on a path.

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Roley tried streaming live to facebook using some new contraptions called Open Broadcasting Software, Audio Hijack, and Loopback so that his FB audience can hear the full poddlement, but his late 2009 iMac is screaming at him for doing it. Roley soldiers on and talks about the stunning USMNT loss, Rose McGowan getting put in Twitterjail, and Chief of Staff John Kelly singing for his supper

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Today, we're gonna keep it simple.  I've read a ton of self-help books.  They all have something in common. 

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We let so much distract us during the day.  How do we put a stop to that? 

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Roley talks Bob Corker, Jemele Hill, and Social Media Addiction. 
Judd Legum on Twitter:
Your Music Doesn’t Matter, A Doc about Carol Taylor.
@krisroley on TW, IG, FB and Patreon
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You'll have to forgive me, I'm channelling a ghost from the past. Or maybe the future. It doesn't really matter. Here I am, and here you are. I'm Alex, and I have some things to tell you.

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