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Roley watched the Apple Keynote, and wasn't impressed.  Cord cutting at the Hacienda, and Roley goes into why.  After all of that, Roley goes into how we might be able to escape 'The Mondays".  

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LOC News, Niner has a little bit of a rant about Free Talk Live, Hippie Talk, The Hamburger Train, A talk with Abdul Ali Achsenfrie, The Dashcast with Kim, Watching The Defectives, Nine closes with an announcement.

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It's Peak Hurricane Season here in the City of Dolphins, although we haven't had one in quite a while. Roley talks about that, which leads into his semi-occasional rant about call centers and inclement weather.

A project update about the products and services Roley is working on leads into the unveiling of the Summer Experiment. Roley's read a book or listened to a audiobook a week from many of the self-help gurus out there. Here's the deal on that: The bones of what they say never changes. To wit, Roley boils it all down to the main points.

You know what self-help that works is called?


Who cares where you get it? Unless, of course, you happen to be one of those gurus who want your money...

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