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The Middle East Debate with Retired Major General Braxton Hicks, and Abdul Ali Achsenfrie.  It’s…well, real different.


Bubba Lee Beauregard brings another view with Pungo’s resident Goth, Twitch. 


Finally, Niner has some thoughts about how you can’t confuse opinion with facts. 

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8/20/2016: Kimmers and I had a chat about the future, and it became a kind of life plan.

Also, we continue the one word suggestions. This week, "Jabroni".

A Jabroni is more than a loser. In some situations, he's a guy that's paid to lose. Paid to enhance the talent of another guy. Take a lesson from Steve Lombardi. Sometimes a Jabroni isn't a bad thing to be.

More to the point, it's about paying your dues. You're going to lose before you win. Also, you may have won a lot, and you hit a losing streak. People may call you a loser. Keep grinding. You'll get back to winning if you keep grinding. That's what practice is for.

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ON this episode of TAS from 2006, JQ fields complaints from the Chip Fitchett Institute for Self Actualization, which leads to the first ever Horriblescopes, Bubba Lee Beauregard with another Public Commentary with guest MC Big Nickel, and Niner has a minor rant about why you can’t be all things to all people, and how it relates to podcasting.

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From January 2010, A show done for WNMR 107.1 in Burlington Vermont.  LeBron is The Chosen One.  Just ask him.  Ed Rendell thinks you're all wimps,  A Manning Family Christmas.  Some notes on Pretty Boy Quarterbacks, and the first Buckner Award.  

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From April 2009, LOC News, The Hamburger Train, Darwin did not change his mind, The Dashcast with Kimmers, Watching The Defectives with Algernon, and Mark Prell with the Bicoastal Latenigh Midmorning Psychobilly Freakout talks about the lights over Pungo. 

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ARCHIVES:  The first Podcast!  From 2006.  Roy Hastings from the Pungo Auxiliary Police wants to monitor charitable events for possible terrorist funding.  Bubba Lee Beauregard gives us a Public Commentary, with Retired Major General Braxton Hicks, and Niner talks about the state of podcasting, circa 2006. 

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From the archives:  Niner has a kind word for Kevin Smith after his airline problems, a monologue about getting dentures and having way too many beers. Al does the Idiotech,  Finally, Kevin Smith calls in to recast Jay and Silent Bob because of his airline problem, and Hoppy beings us the X Free Zone.

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Roley talks about the really awesome experience he's had this week with seeing a character he created brought to life, the difference between silo'd multifunctional teams and one that has a personal investment in a project from beginning to end, and continuing his list of One Word Suggestions: Space.    We all need space.  If for any other reason, space gives us the room and the freedom to fail.  If you're not failing, you're not learning.  

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If I hadn't trashed everything I had done from the beginning, and started over each time, I'd have a body of work that told a story of my journey from noob to...well, slightly less noob.   So, use me a bad example.   

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