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Today's episode is a throwback to 2010.  It's called 'Keep Looking Up'.  Hope you like it.  

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A story about the two times in my life I have thought about cashing in my own chips, and what happened as a result. 


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I'm a learner just like the rest of us.  That's why I'll never be one of these so called 'gurus' that don't actually get where a lot of us are in life.  


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When I was younger, I thought I was going to be the next Howard Stern, just by showing up.

Not so much.  

The showing up part?  I got that part down.  You should get that part down.  

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There's the idea of work, there's playing with the idea of work, and then there's work. 

That's the difference between the freedom to do what you want, and responsibility to actually do it. 






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A story about me, rules, and habits.  

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It's a bit trite, but more often than not, the choices you made that brought you here.  

We need to take the time to recognize, and the responsibility to iterate. 


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You have to decide which chops you want to sharpen, and which you want to lose.  You can't do everything. 

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A little bit of a Rantasm today: I can't compete on the funny scale with what is actually happening right now.  


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I had a chance to play with a new iOS App this weekend called Anchor.  My .02 cents?  It's the new platform you should be on, especially if you're testing out your podcasting ideas.  It's a proving ground. 


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