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Every once in a while, you end up oarless.  You have no idea where you are, who you are, or where you're going.  

It's perfectly natural.  However, staying that way isn't.  Let's work on find out who you are today. 


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Followup on the iReg Apple Watch Review, Detailing a great conversation I had on Twitter this morning about Auphonic and why I swear by it.  It's not about the magic fingers routine it does on my sound, it's about the time I get back. 

Dave The Producer points out I could get the Leveler Standalone product from Auphonic as opposed to the Web interface, and I believe I may do just that.  

Bernie Sanders held a rally this morning here in Norfolk, some thoughts about that and about voting in general.

Finally, about a package that materialized at The Pirate Ship today. 


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Continuing the theme of the tech not mattering, I review the iReg App for iOS.  This App has a companion Apple Watch App, which takes advantage of the internal mic on the Apple Watch.  I set it to High Quality and recorded this podcast on the way home from work today. 

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A super duper short episode today, so I can prove a point.  

Recorded in the car this morning during Sunday errands, because of course I did. 

Bottom line, the tech doesn't matter.  

The tech doesn't matter. 


Did I mention the tech doesn't matter? 

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Day 4:  Make it happen like clockwork.


What are those things that need to happen every week or every month?  Can they be automated?  Can they be delegated to an accountable person?  Or, do you need to spend a little grey matter on how to do it more effectively?  

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On today's show, we play The Dating Game.   Dating, as in calendars.  

We also talk about routines, and the hardest word in the English Language. 

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Yesterday, we wrote it all down.  Today, we talk about cleaning it up.  

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Still fighting a cold this week, so we're still digging into the Evergreen folder.  

I've had some requests to do a week on getting your stuff together.  Today we start with writing it all down with my favorite app--and the other half of my brain--Evernote. 

Some ideas on how to get it all down into Evernote so you can get it out of your head. 


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Live from Froggies Cantina by The Bay, it's another outing with the Brainstorm Troopers.  Plus, a talk with Bar Trivia Live Host Ed Carden.  He's also a member of The Pushers, our local Thundergods of Improv, and one of the nicest guys walking the planet today.   


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Every thing you need to know about podcasting, or about building a base of loyal listeners and fans, you can learn from Jerry Seinfeld, KISS, Motley Crue, Louis C.K, and Daniel Bryan. 

It's up to you if you listen. 


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