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Jan 29, 2016

First, an end of January report.  Part of the Year of Work is that I want to be completely transparent with you about where we are.  

First month back after two months off, we're about where I think we should be.  

Second, a coming transition to the show in order to meet a quarterly goal.

Thirdly, long term...

Jan 28, 2016

It's easy to consume empty calories.  I do it too.  Try looking for substance, and try supplying it as well.  


Jan 27, 2016

We rented out the studio to Alex Van Houten to record his new infomercial.  It went poorly. 


Jan 26, 2016

The return of Margaret Beaudiddlefromnd.  HORRIBLESCOPES. 

I just left it raw, because Margaret cracks me up. 


Jan 25, 2016

Roley goes into more detail about the Year of Work.  2016 Projects in detail.