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In this episode, we start discussing how we can identify and implement habits in our lives that removes the little stressors that can occupy, or derail our days, weeks…even months and years.  

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You're a captain the second you make a decision that affects someone else directly.  You get to choose if that's a blessing or a curse.  

It took me a while to get around to this way of thinking, but now that I realize I'm a pirate captain, I choose to act a different way.  In this episode, I share some of those ideas with you. 

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Seriously, don't overthink this.  There are a lot of folks out there that want to make podcasting more difficult than it really is.  Here's the deal: It's about your message.  The tech you use to get it out there isn't as important. 



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 In which I try to answer the question, “So, what’s a blog and why should I have one?”  

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