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Roley, Al, Bubba and Ellie are back in the studio, and Ellie still thinks she's got some kind of contract.  Roley just invited her, which is rapidly becoming a mistake. 


On the podcast today, the Sun had a burrito, which led to a massive coronal fart. 


The crew is shocked to learn that A) you can send poop to people, and B) people are SHOCKED, SHOCKED to learn that someone might actually send poop to people as something OTHER than a practical joke.  


Finally the story of a Mom who tried to pick a fight with United over her special needs kid not being able to sit up in First Class with her and Dad, so the child who can't sit up by herself had to wave at Mom and Dad from coach.  This didn't end well for anyone.

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Roley returns to the funny with stories from the weeks headlines.  


Did you know the seniors are getting the Clap on the Love Boat?  Yeah, that's a thing.  You may now excuse yourself to scrub that out of your brain with bleach.


Millenials love living in the city, but they can't actually afford to live in the city.  No wonder the hipsters are douchebags.


And we get REALLY uncomfortable over a study that things that less Americans are getting married because free pr0n.  Wait, what?

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Roley has a rather awkward conversation with his real estate agent, Twitch dives so deep into a niche with his new podcast that something more awkward happens, and Jerome is an Elite Hacker who wants to boycott The Interview because it really eats into his time trying REAL ELITE HACKER STUFF.

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Welcome to 2015, freaks.  Roley had to call a meeting to break some bad news to the cast of idiots: JQ has been involuntarily restrained, and Nine has been retired.  So, there's no more WYRD101, and we need to come up with some new ideas.

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