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Make sure you can play the next game.  You can’t win if you can’t get on the pitch.


Tribes need a leader.  If you don’t sound like one, th en you won’t be. It isn’t up to you.


You and I are pirates.  Learn something every day, and make sail.


If all you do is create content, you’ll have no time to tell people it’s there, and you’ll fail. 


A steady paycheck is our unemployment benefit while we’re working to launch our true career. 







When I decided to make this a show about how we were going to build this podcast (and my life) from the ground up, I decided that I was going to not only share with you the successes, but I was going to share with you those times when I failed at something.  I had one such failure this week, and I’m going to share it with you.  


I was supposed to work from home on Thursday.  I look forward to this, because I love working from home.  So, it was quite surprising when I could not log in remotely to the system at Noon that day.  I called tech support, and they informed me that they had cancelled business continuance that day, and that I would need to come in.  Thankfully, I have it wired into my system to check these things well in advance.  However, I was very upset about the fact that on one contacted me to let me know.  Also, in the space of a 30 second call, it moved me from being 90 minutes ahead of schedule to being 90 minutes behind.  


I take a shower and get ready at 10:30, I chill out between 11:30 and noon, and then I leave at 12:15 to be at work around 1pm, and sign on at 1:30.  I hate being late for things.  I hate rushing.  I hate BEING rushed, because when I get behind the eight ball on time, it tends to screw up my day.  So, for the first time in a long time, a string of four letter words cam out of my mouth at a high volume before I realized what I was doing, and I calmed down.


This is my OCD on time coming into play.  I had to stop and recognize this, admit that I was feeling this way, and then let it go.  It was now out of my control, but I had it in my power to do what I could do to mitigate my feelings, and try to get the rest of my day under control.  


So I sat down and meditated for 10 minutes, folded that yellow card up, and shoved it down the hole.  I don’t expect anyone to get that, it’s a mental technique that works for me.  It’s a football ref (or soccer if you prefer) booking me for a yellow card, which I take from him, fold it up, and shove it in my pocket.  I remember the rule I just broke, acknowledge that I just broke that rule, and let it go.  Now I know, the football purists are screaming that the refs don't actually hand the players a card.  Get your own mental technique, this works for me.  


The point is, I get to play the next game.  I can’t win if I can’t get on the pitch.  





A few thoughts on Notes, versus writing a script out, versus total improv of a podcast. 


I've done all three, and what I can tell you is that when I write things out, I tend not to use filler words as often.  I don't think there's anything wrong with filler words when used sparingly, but if every other word is um, like, uh, or you stutter all over the place...




Like I do. well, it turns people off.  Also, if you are confident of your material, then you sound competent if you're not stuttering.  


Confidence is more than just knowing what you’re about to say, it’s also whether or not you feel something about the subject.  In the last episode I suggested that you be absolutely be truthful to yourself about that one joy in your life that you could talk forever and a day about.  This is where the proof is.  You gotta believe, and you gotta convince us that you believe before we will believe along with you.  Tribes need a leader.  If you don’t sound like one, then you won’t be. It isn’t up to you.  


You do NOT want to sound like you’re reading.  Also, you’ll note that there are slight differences between the transcript for this posted at  from my delivery here.  Because I don’t necessarily keep to those verbatim.  I’m fortunate to have made a little bit of a living over the years as a gasbag before now, so talking is more of a strong suit.  You may want to rehearse a bit between writing, revising, and recording.  Don’t sound like you’re reading.  Don’t sound like a robot.  Get it down to something you’re comfortable with.  If it doesn’t feel right, rewrite until you can get your brain, and more importantly your mouth around.


Above all, sound human.  There’s nothing, like, wrong with a few filler words every now and then.  Just not, like, every, like other word, y’know?






















I have a romantic love of the idealism of pirates, but the most compelling speech that I’ve ever heard about why you should be one was on the penultimate episode of Crossbones, given by the character Charlie Rider.




More beautiful words about my philosophy have never crossed my eardrums.  In more modern terms, it’s pretty damn simple.  You work for someone else with a shitty return on your investment, so that THEY can reap their reward, and most of yours.  Your time, your energy, your sweat, and your tears, fulfills someone else’s dream.  


Why not get your ass in gear and work on yours.  You don’t have to go cold turkey.  Believe me, I did, and it nearly ruined me and mine.  But start now.  Start Slow, and put something in every day.  Get a little closer to it every day.  Learn something new every day. 


Here’s what I learned this week.  This week, you saw a Twitter post go out every day about the show I did last Saturday, with a quote from the show.  Three times last week, you saw a photo I took that was a visual representation about those quotes, posted to Tumblr, FB, and Instagram. I took the big ideas from last week’s show, and gave you the ability to tweet them right from that page, with a hashtag and a link to that show page.  That’s big stuff, and guess what?  It worked. 

Last week, I had a conversation with a guy on Twitter named Steve Jackson, and a Size 9 shout to Steve for retweeting my stuff to over 41 thousand people.  Why?  Because I had a presence on most of the social networks, and I’m a local 757 personality, like he is.  That was huge. 


I also learned that Sunday is NOT the day to post a podcast.  Less engagement on Sunday than Saturday.  Even still, It went over big.  


You and I are pirates, and every day you learn something about your joy and your craft, you cut those moorings a little bit more.  You chart that course, you intercept and board, and you come away with the spoils.  Every day you get a little closer to being a little more joyful, more independent, and in control of your ship.  


You and I are pirates.  Learn something every day, and make sail.

















I really want to talk to you about Auphonic in this episode.  I started using Auphonic three weeks ago, and I’m absolutely in love with it.  


Auphonic is a post production service that will take your recording, and it will process it in order to reduce background noise, level out your sounds, add some compression and limiting, get rid of noise and hiss and hum, and basically make your content sound like buttah. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome this is.  The truth is, I can do ALL of these things manually.  But I want to talk to you a little about the ration of content creation to content promotion, and how Auphonic fits into that. 


We are content creators, that’s what we do.  However, quite a lot of us are lousy at content promotion, so we trick ourselves into thinking that if we just keep creating content, eventually the work will speak for itself.  The ration of what we think should be right is 80 percent content creation, 20 percent promotion.  You’re going to be collecting social security before you see the benefit of the long tail, because quite literally there are hundreds if not thousands of sites that have a longer tail than you already.  


Yes, you need to keep creating content.  But you do not, YOU SHOULD NOT wait for that long tail.  What you need is to find your tribe.  Wiser people than I have said that your tribe should be about 1000 people who wait for your content on a regular basis.  You’re not going to find 1000 people JUST creating content without dedicating any percentage of your time to promotion.  Harder still if you are still working a full time job while you’re building that ship, eh?  Last week, I gave you the idea of Channel You.  Every successful channel needs a promotion/sales department. 


So, what do you do?  Well, let’s start by outsourcing what you can.  No one can write for you, unless you know someone who is in your head and can write your words for you. Some people are that lucky.  They don’t call them ghost writers for nothing, right?  But if you’re just starting out, you’re most likely doing that.  No one can record for you.  That’s on you, most likely.  However, you CAN outsource the post work, and that’s where Auphonic comes in handy.  Also, If you are fortunate enough to have a content delivery network like Libsyn hosting your files for a small monthly fee, than Auphonic can drop your finished production in your Libsyn account when it’s done.  All you then need to do is write the post and release it.  Before I found this service, it took me 45 minutes from the time I was finished recording before I was ready to start posting.  Now Auphonic takes me 5 minutes, I can write the post, and what used to take me well over an hour to do gets me back out of the studio in less than half that time.  Next week I will time it. 


I took the extra time I didn’t spend in post production and created images for the show.  I created Big Idea Tweets, I pre scheduled tweets for the next week related to the show.  I spent time interacting with folks in the podcasting and creative community.  I got my stuff out there.  I answered questions.  I DIDNT SELL, and YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER.  You are an expert, not a salesman.  So don’t start selling out of the gate. At the early stage of the game, I wouldn’t even mention to newcomers or people that you respond to on Twitter or FB that you have a podcast.  I’d simply answer their question and move on.  If they want to find out more about you, believe me, they will. 


Yes, there will come a time when you invite them to your ship, but that’s not going to be today, or tomorrow, or next week.  It might be months.  


Ever notice that the most respected of the pirates were the old ones?  There’s a reason for it. They had been through battles, they’d given a lot to their crew for years, they treated the crew fairly, and made them rich.  


Your craft, and the people in it, are your potential recruits.  You’re recruiting them to come on board with you.  Offer them as much as they want, for as long as you can possibly stand it.  THEN, after months have passed, you might mention you have a ship in port waiting for them to come on the next adventure.  


That’s how you get on your way to your crew of 1000 guns.  You wont get them all this way.  Remember, we’re learning together here.  I’m on my way too.  Next week, I’ll throw some more ideas in this pot and tell you what boiled. 






































If you want to live well, you have to cut out the negative things and people in your life.  So, what if the biggest source of negativity is how you earn a paycheck?


I've worked in some kind of customer support or tech support job for over 20 years. Tryust me when I tell you, it's a huge source of negativity, and it's one you'll take home with you if you let it happen.  I know, I have.  


I have made no bones about the fact that one of the biggest reason I want my own personal Channel You to be successful is so that I never need to work in a phone mill ever again. I want to make a living doing this.  In essence, Im trading a source of stress I no longer want, to a source of stress that I welcome.  The stress of knowing my product and my 'brand' is my paycheck.  However, sometimes it is very hard to step behindthismicrophone and give you my absolute best when my job sucks the life right out of me.


A paycheck is a means to an end.  I work so that I may continue doing this.  It will not be forever.   That is the single focus of continuing to work for another.  Again, realizing that I am at this moment fulfilling someone else’s ambition at the expense of my own.  It’s a necessary evil, but by no means is it a permanent one. 


A steady paycheck is our unemployment benefit while we’re working to launch our true career.  Keep that as the positive seed in a negative job environment, and you’ll make it out alive. 




A housekeeping note for you, as we close the show.  This show will air on Saturday August 30th.  However, I do not know what the following week is going to hold.  I may have to take on some additional responsibilities with regard to my Father’s affairs.  As you might imagine, the legal things that must be done are widespread, and as of the time of this recording, not yet begun.  I will keep you informed of the broadcast schedule as we move forward.  Also, as I mentioned earlier in the show, Sunday proves not to be the best day for release, I’m moving back to Saturdays to see if there’s an improvement there.  If there is, I will keep it there. 















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What do you Podcast About?  iPhone Troubles, Channel You, Barefoot Podcasting 101, debunking Impostor Syndrome.



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It took eighteen episodes, but I think I have an idea.  If you're keeping score, that's early.  You're welcome. 




Part of this show is going to be talking to you about starting from scratch.  I deliberately wiped out my entire back catalogue of podcasts, all the things I have done since 2005 and a little bit before, because I want to start over and do something with my name attached to it instead of a character.   I was lost on exactly what I wanted to do with this show as far as actual content was concerned...




That is blatantly unfair.  In fact, I've had…


AL:  Uh huh...Let's hear it. 


Well, I had...well, no, that ended up being American Idiot...




No, wait...I, that was TWiT...




I had the American


BUBBA: Hendrie?  The American Hendrie?


NO, THAT is not fair!  I was doing that on AM radio in suffolk before I knew that man existed.




...and got fired.  Right.  So, the pioneer takes the


BUBBA: Keep dreaming, chuckles. 


OK, fine.  Just cut me some slack, ok?


AL:  Where?


SHUT UP.  A little back story.  As I just mentioned, I worked in local radio back when dinosaurs owned radio stations before they evolved into douchebags with satellite dishes.  After that, I got a real job, and one day after I got married, I bought a 486 computer.  I signed up for CompuServe and we had barrels of fun.  Then one day I was...


BUBBA: I have a question?




BUBBA: Was this before or after you deleted DOS off that PC?  I ask merely for informational



BUBBA: OK, just asking.






Nothing, nothing...I just would like to get on with this.  Can I do that?  Do you think that would be possible?  


AL:  OK, he's getting' all butthu(OW!)  (slap)


AS I WAS SAYING...that PC had SoundBlaster, which was a sound card, but I didn't realize that it had a studio program with it.  So I started playing around with it, and figure out how to create audio files.  Then Real Networks came along, and I figured out how to take that WAV file and encode it in Real Audio and stream it on a Geocities Page. 


BUBBA: and that right there was the beginning of the end. 


That’s cute  Anyway, The footprint of those sites were such that I could only do little things.  As the tech progressed though, I was able to figure out how to do full shows.  The first major thing I did was an audio wrestling PPV for a USENET Newsgroup I belonged to,  It was called FrostByte.  It was April of 1999.  I did five or six of these events over the next year and a half, and while it would probably make me cringe to hear the quality of that work today, it led me to an inescapable conclusion that may seem obvious to you today:  On demand audio content over the internet was going to be huge one day.  I just didn't know how.  So, I set about trying to figure this out.  


With the help of a friend named Wolfy, who designed the first few incarnations of my original website, the Left Of Center Internetwork, we tried to figure this out.  Wolfy had a great idea back then, this would be about 2002-2003 now, for when you hit the listen button on my webpage, my website would determine what time it was at your location, and serve up the relevant 15 minute segment based on your time from an SQL database we had on the back end.  SQRL Radio, he called it.  It was great.  I could create 15 minute segments to keep the day parts fresh, and I had the idea to make it a 24 hour streaming station based on that format.  I created a radio serial to go hand in hand with the launch of SQRL, called We Interrupt This Message, where my characters had to deal with a biochemical attack in Downtown Norfolk, and I made it in the style of War of The Worlds, having my radio shows over the next 24 hours break in with news, and covered the attack in what appeared to be real time.  


The downside to this, is that I spent all my waking hours when not working what ended up being 70 hour weeks at my day job, creating new 15 minute segments every day.   I was able to cover real time breaking events this way as well; well before the age of streaming live content, I covered the effects of Hurricane Isabel here in Virginia Beach this way.  I'd record a segment, and upload it to the database immediately to get as much info as I could out to people, until the power went out.  I'm very proud of that moment.  


I continued using SQRL Radio until my nervous breakdown in 2005.  All work, and no sleep or family time took a toll on my health, and my marriage.  I took six months off from doing anything with websites or radio and worked on 'us'.  I promised I would be a different person, and feed inone of the things that meant to me was find a way--and the time--to get this creative urge out and not do further damage to my family. 


It's 2005, and Podcasting was born.  Adam Curry's Daily Source Code.  


Podcasting in it's bare bones, is adding an enclosure tag to post in an RSS file.  That's it.  Your RSS reader displays the file location, you can download it, and listen to it.  Long before iThings, you could slap my feed in your RSS reader and go.  Early mp3 players like the Creative Zen, for example,  could be synched to a pod catcher like iPodder, and it would create directories and synch the files over.  iTunes eventually embraced the platform for iPods, and now of course, iTunes is the largest catalogue of Podcasts in the world.  


The upside for me, was being able to create a show maybe once a week or twice a month, get it up, and be done with it.  But I was just a little guy, and there were already great shows out at the time.  Tekdiff, Keith and the Girl, Daily Source Code, Pacific Coast Hellway, and with one exception, they were all on PodShow.  I started The American Smartass on PodShow in 2005, and made that show for three years.  The best show I think I have ever done was episode 40 of that show, where I did my first ever long form interview with George Tabb, one of the original NYC Punk Rockers, and an advocate for folks who had World Trade Center Sickness.  


As politics became more and more divisive, I began to receive rather unique and colorful messages from people due to the name of my website, The Left Of Center InterNetwork.  As time went on, these became intolerable to me.  I was simply being attacked not because of my content, or because of anything I ever said or did, but because Left Of Center is another way of saying Liberal.  I never considered this when I thought of the name so many years before.  IN 2010, I decided to end the website and create something else.  WYRD 101.  


WYRD 101 was the name of the fictional radio station that I used when I was making cassette letters for my friends who moved away back in the late 80s.  The theatre of the place was a small Podunk radio station out in Pungo, Virginia.  Pungo is a real place, so I used a bit of artistic license with the place, and I usually referred to it as the Pungoverse.  Many of the people  were characters I made up, but the locations of businesses usually had something to do with real places here in Virginia Beach.  For example, Chip Fitchett's Institute for Self Actualization was a rip on  Edgar Cayce's A.R.E, which is right up the road here. It was a return to something I did at the old radio station back in Suffolk:  I’d have my characters 'call in,' and I'd argue with them.  I did both voices live, plus have AL and BUBBA argue with me while I was arguing with my 'caller'.  


I'll tell you something about that kind of comedy on the fly:  It's physically and mentally draining.  I realized very quickly that the demand of doing that every day was going to put me back in the position I found myself in 2005.  Unless I could make money doing it full time.  


I quit my job and made WYRD 101 my primary goal in life, and for about two years, I made it work.  We made money.  Then the bottom fell out of the economy.


Being the stubborn fool that I am, I stayed home for two more years trying to keep the ship afloat, and I failed miserably.  We were about to go into foreclosure.  I did what I had to do to right the ship, and I'm glad to say that I was able to save the house and my family in the process.  I scaled back everything.  It was then that my sister Sue handed me an interesting proposition:  How would you like to do a weekly radio show for a station in Vermont?


I ended up doing two:  In return for doing a Sports show called The Sport Aleck for WNMR in Burlington Vermont, I would be able to bring WYRD 101 to terrestrial radio, and it allowed me some closure I did not get in my previous life working for the peanut gallery in Suffolk.  Proudest moment in my life was signing on that first day.  My dream came true.  


The station changed owners 4 months later, and my shows were not renewed.  I was able to walk from that with my head high.  I had done it, and did it well.  


I decided to branch out and createnew shows on the network based on my interests.  They succeeded for a while, but again, I was spending more time in my office and not being out in the world.  I stopped doing that, and tried a new show called One Exit Short, which was very much the forerunner of what we're doing here.  It was short-lived, and I decided to not work with it further.  


I let WYRD 101 linger for a while, before pulling the plug on it in 2013.  But I knew I wasn't done.   


So here we are.  RoleyShow.  I've done 17 episodes without understanding what that means.  Now I know. 


This show, such as it is, is going to be about a journey of entertainment, enlightenment, and empowerment.  It will be funny.  I can't help that, AL and BUBBA will never leave.  But here is what those three E's mean to me.  I am going to take you step by step through the process of what I'm doing to work my way back to independence.  I'm going to teach you how to podcast. I'm going to talk about the different things that come to my mind about how to create, distribute, and promote a podcast.  How you might be able to make a profit from it.  We will fail at all of this, but we will get a lot of it right, and I will be transparent with you about it.  I'm going to tell you what works and what doesn't.  


I'm going to take you through the process of designing a podcasting Wordpress theme that doesn't suck, and we're going to sell it.  


I'm going to learn how to design an app, and you're going to learn with me.  


We're going to talk about what's going on in those industries that make it easier or harder. 


We're going to write an ebook, and we're going to sell it.  


We're going to talk about the things that make me tick.  Doctor Who.  Pink Floyd.  Stuff like that.  


I'll share stories of my family and friends who join me on this ride. 


I'll share stories about how we're going to become and remain financially independent. 


I'm going to share with you things that help me not be the guy I used to be in 2005, and I'm going to tell you when I fail and become that guy.  I'll tell you what I do to try and fix it when I fail. 

I'm going to talk about things that we all should be able to understand, but don't because our media and our schools don't think it's a priority anymore.  If that thing happens to be something that affects your vote, I'm going to make sure we educate, and empower you. 


I'm going to be very opinionated and profane at times.  But if you've listened to this show or any other ones I've done over damn near 15 years, then you know you shouldn't expect anything less.  


This, warts and all,  is RoleyShow, and I'm 100 percent Grade A Roley.  Always have been, and today, on this show, I'm going to tell you that I think that is more than enough. 


Welcome to my life.  Now let's get back to work.


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Kris talks about taking the kids to DC this weekend, Robin Williams, and a little about his own story battling some demons.

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Roleyshow 16


Mobile cast using the Auphonic app.  Holy crap, this sounds like buttah.  Sparkly buttah eaten and sharted by a unicorn who spent the afternoon froclicking with kittens.  I may be overstating this.


AppleCare Update:  Not battery, is software.  something is making a call that activates the cell chip, or the GPS, or something.  Phone heats up, battery drains like a bastard.  But the battery hardware itself is fine.  So, it’s software. Research has me turning off cell data, and removing Facebook from phone.  Those two things have apparent issues.  My battery issues have improved a *little*.  

That leaves it a problem with the OS.  So we wait for an update.  In the meantime, I have a thread in the Apple Support community for you to consider. Most of these people just go there to complain, I know, but it does support the idea that there’s more than just me with this issue.



Thinking about getting a solution that has both iPad and iPhone charging dock, but I want to find a good quality one for the desk.  I’ll move the cradle up to my dresser, and that frees up some charging cables for car and carry in bag. 


Feed back about Patreon comes from Mari, who uses it for her Mixed arts business.  I’ll have a link in the show notes for her Facebook page.  Also, she appeared on a recent episode of the Patreon Podcast, which I will also link.  She will have you at the word Unicorn. 

Just trust me on this. 




Karaoke Club!  Next Sunday.  I LOVE KARAOKE CLUB.  I get to blow off a little steam, I get to prove to myself that I can actually sing somewhere other than my car, and I get to hang out with a great group of friends. Seriously, these guys are awesome.  

I know what Im going to sing next Sunday.  I think so, and Im going to kill it.  I hope.   It depends upon my appetite.  

YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PRO TIP OF THE RANDOM TIMEFRAME:  We’re here to help you.  Especially Tech Support.  It’s hard to do the job when you think you know enough to get ahead of us and be dangerous. 

REPS:  Take the time to explain where you’re headed BEFORE YOU START, and ask politely that the customer stay with you, and it goes a long way. 


BENGHAZI FRIDAY DUMP:  No wrongdoing by Admin in Benghazi.  Great job slipping that in when no one was paying attention.  I assume Fox Fucking News will jump right on…no?  

I’ve posted a link in the notes, so that you can use that knowledge the next time someone uses the magic word, or goes on at length about it.  There was never any there there, and that needs to be shouted as loudly as possible back at these idiots that find a conspiracy behind every goddamn rock.  

It was nothing more than a political stunt to make hay over the death of great Americans, and they should be shamed. 



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Mobile again today, from the Pungo Prius, Because I have no GD time, but I’m gonna Jackson Pollack the crap out of this podcast feed.  You’re welcome.

While you’re listening to this, imagine a ring of spittle around my mouth as I try to explain my battery issues to an Apple Genius.  It’s almost as bad as the ring of spittle I imagine around some shitty mom in North Dakota that shamed her brat kid in front of millions of people on Facebook.  Keep that crap inside the doublewide, is what I’m sayin’.  

When it comes to marketing a podcast, I blow all manner of monkey ball. But I’ve managed to come up with some workable solutions over the years about how to produce a podcast on a shoestring budget.  Even when I actually lose the shoes they went to.  Daniel J Lews of The Audacity to Podcast has a pretty good post about that subject, and I think you should read it.

A new(ish) app came to my attention—Auphonic.  Puts your recorded files through the hopper and they come out smelling like kittens.  Seems legit.  I might try it.


…and more.  Or not.  

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Mobile today, from the Pungo Prius, because content. Roley has questions about Patreon, Promos, and why we cant have nice things, because freaks with guns.

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A total experiment of the new mobile rig, we recorded this at Fat Tuesday's Bar in Virginia Beach VA.  I'm really happy with the way this turned out.  I believe this will be a regular thing now.




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