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Aug 30, 2014



Make sure you can play the next game.  You can’t win if you can’t get on the pitch.


Tribes need a leader.  If you don’t sound like one, th en you won’t be. It isn’t up to you.


You and I are pirates.  Learn something every day, and make sail.


If all you do is create content, you’ll have no...

Aug 24, 2014

What do you Podcast About?  iPhone Troubles, Channel You, Barefoot Podcasting 101, debunking Impostor Syndrome.



Aug 17, 2014

It took eighteen episodes, but I think I have an idea.  If you're keeping score, that's early.  You're welcome. 




Part of this show is going to be talking to you about starting from scratch.  I deliberately wiped out my entire back catalogue of podcasts, all the things I have done since 2005 and a little bit...

Aug 13, 2014

Kris talks about taking the kids to DC this weekend, Robin Williams, and a little about his own story battling some demons.

Aug 8, 2014

Roleyshow 16


Mobile cast using the Auphonic app.  Holy crap, this sounds like buttah.  Sparkly buttah eaten and sharted by a unicorn who spent the afternoon froclicking with kittens.  I may be overstating this.


AppleCare Update:  Not battery, is software.  something is making a call that activates the cell chip, or...