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 Back from a week’s vacation, Roley breaks down the immigration problem, talks about a column in a local alternative paper that caught his attention, and about a conversation he had with his Dad about the show. 




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Roley has the voice of a certain Navy Chief in the back of his head telling him to stop screwing around and get back to doing something with this microphone that’s worth a damn. So we’re trying something different. Ok, somewhat different. On the show today, Kris has an issue with taking either side in the current Middle East problem at their word. Krist Novocelic called them ‘knuckleheads on both sides’, and that’s a concept Roley agrees with. Open Carry protestors at Dealey Plaza, and Target advises the Open Carry folks that they may have taken the store name a bit too literally. Sarah Salad and Bachmann T. Belfry are at it again, Roley shares some news. Roley ends with a bit about podcasting and assholes. Sooner or later, we’re all going to have both. This one is his.


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Douglas Roley. March 22nd, 1946 - July 4th, 2014. 


My Dad. 

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