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So, hi.  


Before the events of last week, I was working on an episode of RoleyShow that was going to be the Cast of Idiots singing their favorite songs.  At the very least, it was going to be the songs I thought would be the most funny.  


Then life happened.  I had the finale pretty much done.  I was going to add one more bit over the instrumental section, but  


However, listening to it, I think it's good enough to stand on its own.  So, here it is.  


Cartman would be proud. 

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I told you the show was going to be about whatever I needed to be.  


This one's about Dad. 



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Roley argues with Fitzroy (the new investor)  about reaching out to the younger demographic.  Wants to do a teen show.  Twitch says he’ll host a teen night.  It can't possibly end well. 


Teens are assholes, did you know that?  Also, Raid kills bugs.  Roley goes on a rant about how we're not wired right at 18, maybe not until we're in our thirties.  Or maybe that was just him.  


What do you want?  Start at the end.  Roley gave some thought to that, and he talks about it here.   

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Braxton Hicks and Al join Roley for a remote at Carlos Margaritas.  If you know the history of remotes where Roley is concerned, you know this can't possibly end well.


Jackson Jennings and Big Nickel comment on the Don Sterling situation.  


Roley attends Free Comic Book Day for the first time with the family.  

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