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Twitch and Hoppy discuss the etiquette of taking selfies during a suicide situation, then Brock calls in and melts down.  And more...

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State Rep. Jerry Bumfiddle joins Roley on the podcast to talk about Vance McAllister getting his privates caught in the cookie jar.   The Crew stages a karaoke intervention, Kris talks about the Ultimate Warrior,  and Hannah Weatherington joins us to talk about teachers defending themselves when attacked by students.  Hanna thanks it should be on a case by case basis, but that’s when it goes haywire…

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Roley, Al, and Bubba get together again and things go pretty much how you’d expect.   Fitzroy Delacoudray joins us to defend a One Percenter child molester that’s walking away from jail time because he wouldn’t “fare well in prison”,  We talk about a new after sex selfie  trend on Instagram,  Al still thinks we should consider the Yeti Factor on the missing Malaysian Jet, and Ellie Bartlett Browning wants to talk about a female cosmetic surgery that she is considering having done, even though it’s barbaric.

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So, after a few months off, I had an opportunity to produce a podcast for some friends.  That was apparently the spark I needed to get back behind a pen, a sheet of paper, and a microphone again.  As a result, I decided to record this little alpha cast.


I think it went pretty well.

On this episode, we talk about some advances in medical science that allows deaf people to hear for the first time in years, if not their lives.  Sarah Gurtsmith is one of our neighbors here, and she had such a pair of implants put in on the show.

It didn’t end well.

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