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Dec 7, 2014

Roley has a hard time getting things started, as Ellie tries to hijack the beginning of the show.  We have our Annual Christmas message from Brock, and Roley rips the ass out of a Mommy Blogger who decided to take Christmas away from her kids for the sake of obvious clickbait.


Merry Christmas from the...

Nov 30, 2014

Doctor (of Life) Chip Fitchett joins us from the Chip Fitchett School for Metaphysical Actualization, in conjunction with Pungo University, to bring us an episode of "Alive! with Chip Fitchett"

Nov 12, 2014

Lessons I have learned this summer, and feel a duty to share with you.  If I am consistent in my want to leave you all in a better place then where I found you, then I must share with you a few things I have learned since the passing of my parents.  This is important business, and the sooner you really grasp this, the...

Sep 24, 2014

A little bit of a palate cleanser after the past few weeks, because the funny is just as important.

The years have not been kind to our long lost Mr. Quinn.  Here, he explains his absence. 

Sep 21, 2014

Coming back after a week off, I tell you about the AHA moment I had this week while I was  hip deep in the swamp looking for the drain plug.