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The Doldrums come to us all.  The question is, how do we cope with them, wait for the eventual wind to come and get us out, and get moving again?  
Let’s talk about that.  
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A little talk about that Personal Brand you don't want to admit you have. 

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Right now, what I want to do is talk to all of you out there that are overwhelmed.

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Your To Do List sucks. 

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Do you wanna know why a lot of ideas suck?  I’ll tell you why. They’re not different enough.

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It's a Freaky Friday here on Roley, and as is usually the case Roley's been involuntarily restrained. In his place tonight is new guest host Dorene. We're not exactly sure what she does. When we asked her what her qualifications were to host a podcast she replied "I enjoy making people miserable."

There's no possible way this ends well.

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First, an brief pro tip: Nothing feels as good as when you’re hitting all cylinders on the health front.  I’m back to normal after feeling under the weather for a couple months, it’s only bee the past couple days that I’ve noticed the surge in my energy level.  I’m ready to carpet bomb your earholes. 
I was reminded of my age today.  My 30th High School Reunion is coming up next year, and so I talk about the difference between the guy in the picture I saw today, and this one here today.  
I’m very much of two minds on the whole reunion thing right now.  In this episode, I talk that out. 
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Sometimes, it’s just about putting your head down and slogging through.  You do it, I do it, and for the first time—I think ever—I actually want the grind. 
Because, I want what’s on the other side of it.  I want the next level.
Blotto: I Want To Be A Lifeguard
New Anchor Channel.
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Sorry about yesterday, the voice was kinda gone.  
You know, I’m really of two minds right now about things as it pertains to both where we are as a society here in the US, and that affects how I approach this podcast. I have a goal here, but current events (along with my pirate mentality) derail it.   I think it’s time I balance the accounts.  
This episode is me attempting to talk that out.  
I invite you to join in this conversation, because in a small way I think we all need to have this talk with  ourselves. 
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Taking you back to January 4th, 2011, the first show for Terrestrial Radio on WNMR 107.1

We talk about Captain Owen Honors of the USS Enterprise, A talk about New Year's Resolutions, Twitch calls in to discuss Hexting, and a segment called You're Not This Stupid looking at the dumbest crimes of 2010.

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